Professional Recommendations

“Josh Bernstein is a highly accomplished Media and Paid Search Manager. He used his extensive experience in media buying and paid search marketing to completely reinvent the paid search marketing for our ecommerce business. Josh drove significantly higher quality paid search marketing delivering both higher effectiveness and dramatically greater efficiency through his expertise. It has been a pleasure working with Josh.”

Jeffrey B. (Jeff) Cohen, VP General Manager, Consumer Healthcare, Meda US

“Josh is an outstanding online marketer with high analytical abilities. He is one of few people in Atlanta that can be trusted to successfully build, manage and grow multimillion dollar global paid search campaigns. He can take any business goal and take it from strategy through tactics to execution while focusing on KPIs that make a net revenue and EBIDTA difference. He has been working diligently with SEO Manager and mobile developers to synergize online advertising with SEO and mobile apps and make all very successful. As his manager, I appreciate Josh attitude and professionalism. He is always willing to share his online marketing insight with others by building advocacy of discipline to other teams through lunch & learns, updates and direct conversation.”

Oskar Kaszubski (LION), Director of E-Commerce, Meda Pharma

“I worked with Josh for 4 years when I was at and he was at 360i. My duties as the digital director lead to frequent collaboration with Josh on paid search strategy and tactics and together we ran one one of the largest, complex and most successful paid search campaigns in retail. Josh is a consummate professional who is passionate about using paid search to drive top line sales and profits for his clients. He’s personable, intelligent, and creative and would make a great fit for any organization. If your company is looking for someone to flawlessly execute paid search campaigns, acquire new customers and increase market share, you should definitely consider hiring Josh.”

Rob Reece, Senior Manager of E-Commerce, JCPenney

“I had the pleasure of working with Josh for a number of years. He approaches his work with a high degree of professionalism and has never shied away from any challenge. Josh is the kind of person you want on your team, especially when problems surface and you need workable solutions. Perhaps most important, Josh is a great guy and fun to work with.”

Bubba Cooper, Director Client Services, MediaSolutions

“Josh is a treasure. He is a great writer, and has excellent digital skills. I hired Josh out of college and it was a joy to watch him grow with his media abilities. I have also been pleased to see his growth in the digital industry. He is loyal, committed, a very hard worker and he will be an asset to any company that hires him.”
– Patricia Sibley , President/Owner, MediaSolutions

All reviews via LinkedIn